About Me

Hello reader, my name is Mike, but you probably already know this. It’s all over the place after all!

Who am I? Just a guy or maybe the guy, with a high curiosity factor. Curiosity, in fact, is my main driver for things I learn. That’s why if I stumble upon something that really strikes my curiosity sense, I have the tendency to go deep into the topic.

It all started with technology, I blame computers, they sparked all of it. Including computer games, graphics software, hardware and coding to some degree. And then it began to expand into other areas, fashion, art and psychology.

I’m a strong believer in the best outcome happening when a product or a service and even a campaign strikes this magic trifecta. Technology – Art – Psychology.

trifecta mike maleta

Digital Marketing became my main vessel for it. The technology aspect is covered by the internet, websites, media buying, data analyzing, tracking codes, funnels, etc. The art aspect, on the other hand, is in the creatives that are made for campaigns, branding and everything visual your clients see. The last aspect, Psychology is covered by customer experience as well as all brand messages, which is what creates the best buyer’s journey through ads to landing pages and your store.

This is the premise of my understanding of how things work best. Here is the place where I will be sharing ideas, case studies, short write-ups, and side projects.

“Handy face chart describing Mike’s main components.”

mike maleta facechart

Want to meet or discuss a project, feel free to contact me through anything below:

E-mail: hello@mikemaleta.com

Twitter: @mikemaleta

Instagram: @mikemaleta

Facebook: @mmaleta